Cure Your Fibromyalgia
& Chronic Back Pain

Physology specialise in hands-on pain treatment for Fibromyalgia and Chronic Back Pain. Using advanced techniques and theories, the Physology Method is based on a modern approach to anatomy that is not yet available on the NHS.

This approach is already used in the Premier League where pain free results are the priority over medication or risky surgery.

If you have been through the traditional healthcare route and find yourself still in pain, then it's time for you to try a more up-to-date, results orientated  approach.

Find out how we get pain free results for Fibromyalgia & Chronic Back Pain and see if you can join our pain free family of happy clients today!

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Most Popular Service

Sports Massage in Nottingham

Sports Massage improves the condition of your muscles. If you suffer with back or neck pain, trapped nerves or any sports related injuries then Sports Massage can help.

You can have different types of Sports Massage if you compete or have an active lifestyle.

  • Pre-event Sports Massage in Nottingham – Improves performance. Feel faster, lighter, sharper, more flexible and explosive.
  • Post-event – Speeds up your recovery and maintains long term health of muscle tissue.

Regular Sports Massage in Nottingham consistently improves your athletic performance.

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Swedish Massage in Nottingham

Stress relief is always felt after a full body massage instead of focusing on specific pain.

Slow, Long movements, aromatic oils and atmospheric music all enhance the experience

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Myofascial Release in Nottingham

Pioneered in America, Myofascial Release is recognised as the missing link in modern healthcare, Myofascial Release in Nottingham is hard to find and is a very advance form of body work.

Elite sports clubs employ Soft Tissue Specialists who use Myofascial Release Techniques and now you too can benefit from this groundbreaking treatment which is ideal for any chronic pain as part of a broader treatment plan..

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Deep Tissue Massage in Nottingham

Deep Tissue Massage in Nottingham is an effective technique to release deeper thickened layers of connective tissue between your muscles and joints.

This is great for lower back pain, neck pain and the lower limbs.

The results of a Deep Tissue Massage in Nottingham will leave you feeling lighter and much freer in your movements. It is also deeply relaxing afterwards and most clients sleep better too for a few days.

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Trigger Point Therapy in Nottingham

Trigger Point Therapy in Nottingham with Physology - is used in combination with our other techniques to release or repair muscle fibres that have become damaged.

Trigger point therapy treats referred pain successfully. The site of pain can usually has a root cause located at a trigger point whic elsewhere in the body. Release the trigger point – release the pain.

This is a very fast acting technique and you feel results instantly even from long standing pain.

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What we treat

  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Elbow Pain
  • Wrist Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain

Our Process

Call our Leeds office or request call back.

Our caring Leeds bookings manager will book your first assessment and treatment.

In your assessment at our Leeds clinic get a full explanation of your symptoms along with clear treatment plan.

Also receive your first treatment within the session so you can feel how fast the results are.

Begin your treatment plan and start your journey to becoming pain free.

Receive your posture screening via email detailing everything discussed in your assessment.

Leave your assessment feeling less pain and excited to begin treatment.

Our Promise

Speak your language.

No technical jargon is used by your Leeds practitioner. We keep things simple.

We listen to you.

You play an important role in your treatment. Feel understood.

We care.

Our Leeds Practitioner was carefully selected. Passion is important to us.

We get results everytime

In your assessment you will understand the cause AND the exact symptoms of your pain.

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