Deep Tissue Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage has become popular in recent times. People with muscular aches and pains, chronic pain, stress, sports injuries, trapped nerves and insomnia tend to benefit most from this type of Massage Therapy. Physology treatments are aimed at getting the best results fast by using a broad range of techniques. We can ensure your practitioner is highly skilled in the use of Deep Tissue Massage.

The Physology treatment methods are recommended by local GP’s and trusted at Premier League level by both players and medical staff. Deep Tissue Massage plays a major role in our treatment so if this is what you are looking for today, then look no further.

Deep Tissue Massage with Physology

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on realigning and releasing deeper layers of muscle fibres and the connective tissues that surround them. Tendons, joints and nerves can all become intertwined in “stuck” with a build up of toxins and lack of movement. Deep Tissue Massage is a great technique to reverse this process and the results can be felt instantly.

Practitioners use their forearms and elbows with very slow deliberate long movements which give the fibres time to release. Practitioners at Physology have a great sense of touch and understanding of soft tissue restrictions to be able to work extremely accurately. Based on the symptoms you present, your Physology practitioner will be able to feel the restrictions and the directions they are pulling in. This is very important because the release of the tissue needs to be in a very specific direction to get the best results.

What Happens in My First Deep Tissue Massage Appointment?

Deep Tissue Massages need to be carried out by very skilled practitioners to get the best results. The first important skill is listening. You will give a brief history of your symptoms and your practitioner will ask you a number of questions to help them picture what is happening beneath your skin.

Your practitioner will then explain the areas they are looking to work on. Sometimes they will include other techniques such as Deep Tissue Myofascial Release and Deep Tissue Trigger Point Therapy which are very complimentary and during the treatment you may not even notice them switch between techniques. All you will feel is the continuous release of tightness and restrictions.

By the end of your treatment you will find drastic amazing changes in the feel of your body.