Myofascial Release Treatments

Myofascial Release and the different forms of Myofascial Release are in our opinion, the most important techniques for pain treatment and posture correction and across the world it is gaining recognition as the missing link in modern health care.

To summarise, over 80% of your body is made up of fascia and it has an astounding involvement in every movement you make. It is also the only system that is connected to every other system in the body, so this particular type of soft tissue plays a major role in your health. In most cases, healthy fascia equals a healthy body and lifestyle.

Myofascial Release is a treatment that specifically releases certain deep or superficial soft tissues in your body in a way that no other technique can. You see certain fibres will not release or respond to treatment unless they are affected for 3-4 minutes at a time. This means your practitioner will be connecting to and accessing tissue, and then holding it in positions for a period of time to allow this very unique form of release.

Myofascial Release Treatments with Physology



Myofascial Release is very much a complimentary treatment in that it should always be used alongside other forms of treatment for best results. It is important to say that with fascia making up over 80% of your body you can't accidentally release fascia through other forms of treatment such as Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage, although there is a great benefit to these treatments. When used as a combination of treatments you will get the best results in the shortest space of time.

What Happens In My First Myofascial Release Treatment?

As with all our clients, your first appointment will begin with your Practitioner seeking to understand your ailments enough to build a mental image of what is occurring beneath your skin. Once they are happy with this they will explain to you in simple terms how they plan to treat your symptoms over the course of the hour.

Once treatment begins your Physology Practitioner will use different myofascial release techniques to open up and unwind the tissues of your body so that a very open, clean gliding movement appears for you. Imagine the feeling of being a teenager when you had almost no awareness of any tightness or heaviness in the body. That feeling was because your fascia was open, well hydrated and very few areas of it had become thickened.

Using Myofascial Release techniques, your Practitioner will be able to restore this healthy state to your fascia thus allowing much better gliding movements of all the muscles and tendons. It also corrects postural issues by releasing areas of the body held in tension to return to the normal neutral positions.