Sports Massage Treatments

Sports Massage has become more popular of the last 20 years for the treatment of all forms of pain, stress and injury. Your practitioner is qualified up to degree level in Sports Therapy or Sports Sciences and then goes on to learn the advanced treatment methods used here at Physology.

So if you are looking for a Sports Massage, we believe our service to be the best.

We have Premier League & International Footballers as well as England Rugby stars using our practitioners on a regular basis and now this treatment is available to you too.

Sports Massage Treatments with Physology

Sports Massage affects your cardiovascular system. It dilates blood vessels so that circulation is more efficient. This enhanced blood flow means more fresh oxygen and nutrients reach the body. Waste products and toxins are removed more efficiently too.

Post event Sports Massage can help to lower your heart rate too which is a great way to cool down and minimise inflammation in the body. Muscle tension and soreness is minimised which means recovery is much faster – this allows you to train harder for longer and recover quickly enough to repeat the process.

Having a regular Sports Massage along with regular stretching can also help you increase your flexibility which helps to protect against injury. The Buck Institute for Research on Ageing (McMaster University in Ontario) reports that in addition to reducing inflammation, Sports Massage promotes the growth of Mitochondria which are tiny cells that produce energy after hard physical activity.

What Happens During My First Sports Massage?

Sports Massage is a very personal service. You will have your own goals and desires. You will have different understandings of the body to anyone else and your body will be in its own unique condition of health. So to begin your treatment, your Physology practitioner will talk to you and discuss what your aims are for the session. A short assessment may take place in order to understand your body enough to get the best results.

At this stage you will begin your treatment and your practitioner will spend the remainder of the session applying different Sports Massage techniques in both the area you require treatment and also in surrounding areas that may be causing referred pain.

The depth and speed of the Sports Massage strokes can be altered to suit you. At the beginning of your treatment the stroke will be lighter and release the more superficial layers of the tissue. As the session goes on you will find it easier to go deeper into the muscle tissue and this in time will get better, longer lasting results.